Providing manufacturers with high quality, affordable, engineer team-based digital solutions!

Targeted Industry 4.0 Technologies:
  • Shopfloor Data Management and Integration
  • Cyber Network Security and Digital Asset Risk Management
  • Data Analytics, Data Warehousing, and Data Mining
  • Robotics and Automation
Program and Benefits:
  • Senior systems engineers meet with you at your site to identify opportunities for
    improvement and develop a roadmap for business planning
  • Less of your time required to develop solutions and a dedicated team to remediate issues
  • Expert translation of operational issues into known and fixed cost digital solutions
  • Supplements and accelerates your internal systems capabilities with expert resources
  • NWIRC is a trusted technology partner with over 30 years’ experience in gaining results for manufacturers

NWIRC partners with best-in-class service providers, develops expert solutions and client proposals, targets digital areas of high priority, and gains federal grant support to lower client costs.

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